Casual Friday

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On Karen:
 casual friday
Casual Friday 4Casual Friday 3Casual Friday 2
On Ramona:
Our latest fashion lesson is what to wear on Casual Friday.  Casual Friday is a day when you get to dress down and can wear more comfortable clothes.  Managing your work style can be tricky especially on Casual Friday.  So, we have some tips for you:
-jeans or khakis are perfectly acceptable
-jeans should not have rips or holes or be too tight (leave those for club)
-a button down blouse is the perfect go to piece
-a little heel or cute flats go great with skinny jeans
-comfort is okay as long as it is stylish
-don’t forget the accessories
-don’t wear tennis shoes and
-most importantly leave the workout gear for the gym.
Even though it is Casual Friday, remember to keep it classy!



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