What’s with this weather?

On this day, look at how the weather was so different in New York and Florida.  In New York, Ramona was bundled up stylishly, as always.  She’s not going to let a little cold weather effect her style!  She’s so put together and ready for whatever comes her way.  Don’t you think her red lipstick just pulls this look together?  I love the bun…I could have taken a page from her book and tamed my frizz by doing something like this.  I can’t wait to try it.

It was actually extremely humid on this day in Florida (as you can tell from my frizzy mess of hair) but it was the first sunny day in many.  I wore my new Target top because I was thrilled that the sun was out and shining.  I am ready for spring!  By the way, I promise you I am wearing shoes…they just sank into the grass on this day.

photo 1 (19)

photo 2 (18)

photo 3 (17)

photo 4 (13)


On Ramona:

Shirt from Forever21, Gap jeans, Necklace, Merona Riding boots, Earrings from Iam, Armani sunglasses, Revlon lipstick

02-13-14 018 02-13-14 019 02-13-14 020 02-13-14 021

On Karen:

Merona blouse, Loft jeans, Coach clutch (similar), Old Navy belt (similar), necklace from Groopdealz.



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