Karen’s Favorite School Look for 2014


I had fun going through our Instagram feed to look back over what I wore this year. These looks aren’t the most earth-shattering, trendy or name brand…but what they are is ME.

These photos show a person who tries to take pride in her appearance when she heads out the door to spend her day with 8 and 9 year olds. They notice when I have a new piece of jewelry and can appreciate a cute pair of heels. They know that I make an effort to look my best.

I’m a skirt/dress girl by nature, but I also included a couple of pants in my faves. There was a time that I hated my short legs – nothing fit me right (or I didn’t know what to look for in a pant/Jean) so I was drawn to skirts.

I love the fact that I could effortlessly mix/match practically everything in these photos to create a new look. I adore shopping for clothes more than I care to admit, but I also love to recreate looks with what I have in my closet. Which is why I have loved connecting with other fashionistas on Instagram and through the blogosphere. I get so much inspiration from lots of fun, friendly and fashionable ladies who so generously share their daily looks. Thank you!!

{I wish I would have saved the photos off of my old phone, but I didn’t think of it, so i only have this collage of screenshots.}


Notes for the teachers

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