Fitting Room Friday

Over the break, I had the pleasure of roaming the mall all by myself…no rushing, just wandering to my heart’s content. Of course, I had to check out Loft’s extra 60% off sale. I tried on several things, and walked away with just four items. I’m trying to make better choices in 2015. I’ve been known to buy something just because it was a good deal. This year, I want to purchase things I know will get worn – and will work with several different things.


The first thing I tried on was this emerald green cheetah print dress. It’s hard to tell from these photos but it fit perfectly. I had read rave reviews on it online. It was about $85 with an additional 60% off. That’s a great deal! But…I don’t have any upcoming events that would be appropriate for me to wear this…AND I have a couple other dresses hanging in my closet begging to be worn. I put this back on the rack knowing that someone else would give it a good home.


I was super excited that this snowflake sweater was available in my size, but once I tried it on I didn’t like how my stomach looked in it. I kept tugging at it to get a better fit. That was a sure sign that it wasn’t for me. (And it was my motivation to do more sit ups!)


The next two losers were these adorably blingy sweatshirts. Both fit me weird and were a little too short for my taste. I was disappointed because I’ve seen both of these on several people and they always look great!

I did, however, purchase these straight leg jeans. The reason my sock is pulled halfway off of my foot is because I wanted to see how they would look rolled up with sandals or another type of flat. I love that look and have already worn these jeans at least three times.


Another keeper was this burgundy cowl neck sweater. I’ve been wanting a sweater this color and already have the same sweater in another color. I love it…the length, the fit…everything!


The next winner was this grey jeweled sweater. I had read several negative reviews on this one. Had I been shopping online, I never would have purchased it. I’m so glad I gave it a chance. The fit is great and the sleeves are a perfect length. I had read that the sleeves were much shorter than pictured online and that it was too short. I have a long torso and was peasantry surprised that the length was fine!


My last purchase was this waterfall cardigan. I love it!!! I plan to get tons of use out of it.

These purchases almost make going back to school a little less painful…almost.

What fun things have you bought lately?


Notes for the teachers

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