The Purge

The start of a new year is the perfect time to do a big clothing purge. Out with the old, to make room for the new.

I never have a problem discarding items that I know I won’t wear. As much as I love seeing my clothes hanging in my closet, I get a sense of satisfaction knowing I every item in my closet is a result of making a good choice.

Here is my process:

1. Try clothes on before I toss. This is KEY. You’d be surprised at how different clothes look when they are on your body, not hanging on a hangar. I went into this purge knowing that I was going to get rid of these items. What a treasure it was when I realized I had forgotten how these items looked on me.



I’ll be sure to put these back into the rotation as soon as it warms up (which could be tomorrow, here in Florida).

Another happy find was this new with tags Loft dress that I blindly bought online during one of their 60% off sales. I thought it was so adorable. I think I probably bought it about a year ago, with the idea that I would wear it to a wedding we had in April. I didn’t. So in my closet it hung. I tried it on today and I remembered why I loved it. I love the longer length of it and I like how it looks on me. It’s a keeper, for sure. I WILL wear it this year…just not with those shoes. 😉


2. If the fit and style is right, but I’m still on the fence, I’ll keep it until my next purge.
This top is cute, but I’m not loving the color on me right now. Maybe, I’ll like it more when I’ve got a little tan. I picture wearing this with a pair of white jeans, or under a cardigan. If I haven’t worn it before my next clean out (right before school starts), I’ll let it go.


3. If it’s got rips, stains, or snags in it, toss it. Actually, this is something I try to do as soon as I notice an imperfection. There’s nothing worse than putting in an outfit in the morning and realizing you can’t wear what you’ve planned.

4. If I KNOW I will never wear an item again, I don’t second guess myself, I get rid of it. Trust your gut. There really isn’t anything “wrong” with this top. I just feel “meh” about it. I’d get more joy out of donating it or making a little money off it, than I would wearing it just because I felt I had to.


5. Once I’ve got my closet cleared out, I put my unwanted clothes into piles. I make three piles: donate, sell online, sell at Twice.
The things I donate are any items that I know I can’t resell or isn’t really worth it to me to sell. Sometimes, I’m short on time and just donate everything.
I belong to a local swap/shop Facebook group when I sometimes sell gently-used clothing. Usually, these are clothing brands that Twice does not accept. Have you heard of Twice? I immediately fell in love with the idea as soon as I heard about it. Basically you order a (prepaid postage) bag and when it arrives you fill it up with as much clothing as you can.



They will buy your items and either pay you for them, or for 25% more, you can take a store credit. I’ve done both.

They only accept certain name brands (there’s a long list) and your items must be in excellent condition. Whatever they don’t take, they will donate for you, or for $5 you can have them return it to you. I always have them donate what they don’t buy.

I’ve bought several pieces from them and all items are in excellent condition. I’ve even bought things that still have the tags attached.
Their return process is quick and painless too.

If you decide to give it a try, I’d love for you to use my referral link. I’ll get $10 and so will YOU! It’s so easy! Also, if you download their app, you get a $10 credit.


I am in NO way affiliated with Twice. They are not paying me anything to promote their store. I just think it’s a fabulous idea!!!

This is the bag I filled today with 32 gently-loved clothing items.


6. I always like to make sure everything left is hanging neatly in the closet in color order.

When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet? Is it difficult for you to let things go?



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