Shopping Recap


I have to admit that I suffer from a serious case of the winter blues. Every year it just gets worse. But a little shopping trip always does the trick to put a smile on my face.

I hit up Sephora for some new makeup and while I was checking out I discovered Beach by Bobbi Brown. I took it as a sign and I bought it. I figure whenever I am missing Miami Beach, I can just take a whiff.


I strolled through Anthropologie and Banana Republic and left empty handed. It wasn’t until I walked into the Gap that I struck gold. They were having a mega sale. All sale merchandise was an additional 50% off and regular priced clothes were 30% off.

I have another confession to make. I hate trying on clothes. And I actually rarely do. That’s why you’ll see Karen does most of the fitting room Friday posts.

But, my daughter who was my shopping partner yesterday insisted I try everything on. Since she was trying on some sweaters and I’d have to wait anyway, I tried a few things on.

The first thing I tried on was this tee. It’s glittery and sparkly. I love how it can be just the right amount of a little something something to take an outfit from ordinary to super fun. And at under $9.00 it was a no brainer. I’m kind of upset I didn’t get more colors of it.


I was most excited about this tunic!!! I love the print, the length and the price! It was under $15.00!! I cannot wait to wear it with white skinny jeans and cute sandals. Isn’t the print fun?!


This was an item my daughter made me try on. I was sort of on the fence about it. But what do ya know? I ended up loving it the most out of all three of the things I tried on. And it was under $7.00! I did go back and look for more colors but navy stripes was all they had.


With my daughter’s sweater, we got 4 things for just over $50.00! Nothing like a few deals to get this girl smiling in the winter.


Notes for the teachers

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