Fitting Room Friday – Forever 21

Do you shop at Forever 21? I love perusing the racks upon racks but can’t figure out their organization system. Do they even have one? They have racks with rompers, blouses and shorts all together…no rhyme or reason. Oh well, it makes finding something worth trying on like a found treasure!

Today I had the pleasure of shopping with my beautiful 16-year-old daughter. She’s not a shopper so when she said she wanted to hit the mall, I was ready! While she was looking around, I grabbed some things to try on, as well. When I shop there I always go up a size. I’m usually a small, but always wear a medium there. Usually it’s because of the length or the quality of their clothes.

The first thing that caught my eye was this romper. Usually their rompers accentuate the worst part of me…my stomach. This was a tad better than usual, but I wasn’t convinced enough to purchase it. Though, it is motivation to work those abs.


Next up was this chevron print dress. It’s cute but it just didn’t do anything for me.


This dress called to me from the rack. I really wanted to love it by it was way too short and flimsy. It would make the perfect swimsuit cover up, but I don’t need another one, so back it went.


THIS adorable little frock was today’s winner. I love that it came with a liner and I love how flowy it is. And for $22? Definitely a keeper!!




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