Tiny Blessings

What a great blogpost title, right?  It’s also the name of my new favorite necklace I ordered on Jane.com.  It actually came from Little Painted Polka Dots.  When I saw it on Jane.com, I knew I had to order it right away before they were all sold out at such a great price.

It was super-easy to order.  You choose the number of discs, the color of the Swarovski pearl and what names you want.  I was waiting on pins and needles until it arrived.

Guess what?  It’s even more adorable in person.  From the darling packaging right down to the necklace itself!!  


    I am already thinking about who else I know that *needs* this necklace.  

Please note:  I am in I way affiliated with this company, I’m just way excited and happy with my purchase.  We hear so much about poor quality/customer service lately, that I wanted to showcase a wonderful product and shopping experience I had.  


Notes for the teachers

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