Shopping for Spring

Its starting to actually feel like spring here in NY. That means spring cleaning and shopping for some new spring essentials. 

After spring cleaning out my closet, I realized I don’t have any white jeans that fit me. So, that was going to be my top priority on my most recent shopping trip. 

After hitting, Target, The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, I found the perfect pair at JCrew. 



They fit perfectly and were on sale. Winning! 

While I was there, I tried on this top. It was petite and although it fit, I wasn’t comfortable with the length of it. I wanted it a bit longer. So, back on the rack it went. 


Last summer I was in a car accident nothing major but my black sunglasses were destroyed. I’ve been looking for an inexpensive pair to wear everyday to replace them and I found them!!  They were on super sale too! 


They are half black half tortoise. I know I will be wearing them all the time!!  I love a successful shopping trip where I went looking for something specific and I found it!  Now mama is off to get a mani/pedi.  Happy Spring!


Notes for the teachers

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