Loft – Did you know?

As much as I love the Loft and thought I knew all there was to know when it came to shopping there…I recently discovered something that makes me love Loft even more.  Did you know that when you use a Loft giftcard online, that you get free shipping…even if you don’t spend the minimum $125?

This past weekend, Loft had an extra 60% off sale items.  I had to find something on sale that I had to have.  And I did!!  It was THIS photo that inspired my purchase.


photo credit:

I ordered the boho lace top and modern high waist skinny jean in white.  My previous pair of Loft white skinny jeans were on their last legs because I wore them so much.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll like the high waist.  I already know that the modern cut is the right one for me.  I made the mistake of ordering the curvy cut before and I just didn’t like how it fit me.  Anyway, if I do decide that these jeans aren’t right for me, I’ll know that I didn’t pay $9.00 to have them shipped.

By the way, the top was $18 and the jeans are on promotion right now for $39.50.


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