Sunday Steals

if you haven’t checked your email yet this evening, there’s a fantastic Mother’s Day steal going on at  It’s 50% off regular priced items and if you have a Loft card (doesn’t everyone???) it’s 60% off $100.  

I’ve put together my four favorites that may or may not be on their way to my house as I write this.

1.  Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses – $10.30 (60% off). These got a bad rap online but I tried them on in the store yesterday and they are true to the color listed and fit great!

2.  Swallowtail Racerback Maxi – $31.80.  This dress does nothing for me online, but I had to do a double take when I saw it on a customer at the store.  Am I the only one that thinks a lot of Loft clothing looks better in real life on real people, than their models???

3.  Full Bloom Riviera Shorts – $20.80.  I love Loft shorts!!  Had I known they come in a petite with w 3 1/2 inch inseam I would have bought them.  I have short legs so a half an inch can totally change things…I’m not kidding.  All in all, I adore their shorts!!

4.  Stamped Mosaic Shirttail Tee – $12.40.  I love the look of this.  It looks great with denim shorts – dark or light, and it’s a step of from a plain tee shirt.

Did you all buy anything?  Is there a “must have” that I didn’t see???


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