Fitting Room Friday 

I usually make a run through Marshall’s on Friday evenings.  It’s located near my daughter’s gymnastics facility, so it’s hard NOT to go there.  Last time I was there I spotted this pretty swimsuit cover up.  It was beautifully beaded and would look great as a tunic.  It was reasonably priced, but I didn’t buy it.  As stunning as it was, it just wasn’t “me”.

I also went shopping on Saturday and of course I had to go into Loft.  I tried in this cute peplum-style sleeveless shirt.  I love it!!  I was ready to make it mine, but at the full price of $49, I’ll pass for now.  If I know Loft ( and I’m sure that I do 😜) it will be on promotion or a flash sale soon, and I’ll pick it up then.. I did snag a pair of camo pants for $14 though.  I didn’t try them on because I was too lazy to take of my pants and boots.

I also bought an adorable kimono at Forever 21.  Can’t wait it wear it soon!!  Wish I would have snapped a pic.

Have you tried on any new spring styles lately?


Fitting Room Friday – Marshalls

The beauty of living in Florida is that the stores start putting out their spring clothes in January. The beauty of living fairly close to a Marshalls is that I can frequent the store at least twice a month…or more.

Last Friday I had the chance to run in and browse around. I found the cutest rack of summery tops. Even though I’m thoroughly enjoying the cooler temps, I look forward to warm spring days when I can sport cute tanks and shorts. So I found a couple cute tops and headed for the fitting room.


I loved the color and cute crochet detail on this first top. Of course, I would be wearing a different bra. One of my pet peeves is seeing people wear a regular bra with a top like this. They make several different bra options for a reason!



I LOVE this second one, too! The pattern is so fun and the split back makes it even cuter. I can already picture me wearing this with my denim boyfriend shorts.

Of course I bought these gems. I had a store credit so I only paid $3.20. Bring on the warm temps!!

What great things have you tried on lately?