Weekly Wednesday Wants

Karen and I are starting a new series on the blog titled Weekly Wednesday Wants.  We will highlight a few items that are on our want list.  This week’s list is all about the summer accessories I want.


First, let’s start with a fun summer tote from Macbeth Collection.  I love the color combination of orange and blue.  Add a couple of seahorses and you have thee perfect summer tote.  And, bonus, it’s on sale for 40% off until May 31, 2015!  Just use code MDSALE40.


Next, I have been trying for months to buy these sandals from Nordstrom but every time I place my order I get an out of stock e mail.  Grrr.  They are the Shady wedge by Dolce Vita.  I love the taupe color!  So versatile.


While I was perusing Nordstrom’s website, I stumbled across these Kate Spade studs.  I think the white and gold are perfect for summer.  They are pretty enough to wear on dressy occasions but not too fancy to wear with a simple tee and jean shorts. I own the square studs in pink and the round ones in blue but I really like the rectangle version even more!


Last up, I really want this Kendra Scott necklace.  I have been on the hunt for a simple necklace that I can wear in the summer every day. I think this gold one fits the bill.  It’s pretty perfect if you ask me. 


And there you have my Wednesday wants for this week.  I would love to hear your opinions.  Thanks for stopping by!

This Weekend’s Gap Haul

This weekend Karen and I both found ourselves shopping at Gap. It was not planned at all. I guess that’s part of the reason why we are friends. We enjoy the same things and yes, that includes shopping at the same stores albeit 1300 miles apart.  Lol. 

Karen got these super cute tops. They were not on sale but she used her Gap cash. Score!!

I went in there with an agenda. I wanted camo shorts that were not too short but still cute and comfortable. I tried them on and loved them. They were on sale and I had an extra 15% off for answering a survey they sent in my e mail. Woohoo!

So there you have a little recap of what we got at Gap this weekend.  Hope you were able to score some deals this weekend and put your Gap cash to good use. 

Sunday Steals

Today’s steals all come from Gap.  Today is the last day to redeem your Gapcash – $25 off any $50 purchase or $50 off any $100 purchase.  Don’t worry if you don’t have Gapcash to use.  Everything is 30% right now.  If you’re shopping online you can use code “May”.  And don’t forget to click through Ebates for an extra 3% off.  

Skirt / Peplum Tank / Straw Clutch / Printed Shorts
All items would be less than $30 with the 30% off.  That tank is $6.99 BEFORE the discount and the clutch is only $20!!!!

Don’t forget about our previous post on plain white  tees – you can stock up those, as well!!!

Happy Sunday Shopping!!!

Let’s Talk Tees

We are talking tees today –  They are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe and can be dressed up or down.  My favorite?  The plain white tee.  I own several.  You can wear them with just about anything these days.  I’m wearing mine with a pencil skirt today and I can’t tell you how many compliments I got today.


Ramona is wearing the Gap Modern Crew Tee (listed below).  I love how she’s paired it with beautiful statement necklaces – a quick way to take a plain white to to the next level.   

If you don’t own one(or six!) of your own, here are a few options:


Swingy linen tee- Loft/Modern Crew tee – Gap/Linen blend Boyfriend tee – Old Navy


Sunday Steals

if you haven’t checked your email yet this evening, there’s a fantastic Mother’s Day steal going on at Loft.com.  It’s 50% off regular priced items and if you have a Loft card (doesn’t everyone???) it’s 60% off $100.  

I’ve put together my four favorites that may or may not be on their way to my house as I write this.

1.  Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses – $10.30 (60% off). These got a bad rap online but I tried them on in the store yesterday and they are true to the color listed and fit great!

2.  Swallowtail Racerback Maxi – $31.80.  This dress does nothing for me online, but I had to do a double take when I saw it on a customer at the store.  Am I the only one that thinks a lot of Loft clothing looks better in real life on real people, than their models???

3.  Full Bloom Riviera Shorts – $20.80.  I love Loft shorts!!  Had I known they come in a petite with w 3 1/2 inch inseam I would have bought them.  I have short legs so a half an inch can totally change things…I’m not kidding.  All in all, I adore their shorts!!

4.  Stamped Mosaic Shirttail Tee – $12.40.  I love the look of this.  It looks great with denim shorts – dark or light, and it’s a step of from a plain tee shirt.

Did you all buy anything?  Is there a “must have” that I didn’t see???

Loft – Did you know?

As much as I love the Loft and thought I knew all there was to know when it came to shopping there…I recently discovered something that makes me love Loft even more.  Did you know that when you use a Loft giftcard online, that you get free shipping…even if you don’t spend the minimum $125?

This past weekend, Loft had an extra 60% off sale items.  I had to find something on sale that I had to have.  And I did!!  It was THIS photo that inspired my purchase.


photo credit:  Jillianharris.com

I ordered the boho lace top and modern high waist skinny jean in white.  My previous pair of Loft white skinny jeans were on their last legs because I wore them so much.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll like the high waist.  I already know that the modern cut is the right one for me.  I made the mistake of ordering the curvy cut before and I just didn’t like how it fit me.  Anyway, if I do decide that these jeans aren’t right for me, I’ll know that I didn’t pay $9.00 to have them shipped.

By the way, the top was $18 and the jeans are on promotion right now for $39.50.

Online Shopping Tips

I love a good trip to the mall as much as the next girl, but I also adore a good online shopping spree, as well.  I love a great bargain, and comparing prices online is a favorite pastime of mine.  There is a certain art to, so  I thought I’d share my process when I’m shopping online.

  • I have a handful of stores that send me emails when they’re having a sale.  My go-to stores are Loft and Gap.  I know pretty much what sizes I wear in both stores, so wondering about the fit isn’t an issue.
  • Both of these places are great about returns.  If I’m not happy with my purchase, I simply return it to the mall – no questions asked.  I know some people don’t like making returns.  Me?  I have no problem with it.  (And it’s great excuse to make a quick trip to the mall.)
  • I read the customer reviews on anything I’m thinking of buying.  These have been life savers when it comes to making a decision on fit or quality.  If I really want something, I throw caution to the wind and order it anyway.  😜
  • I write reviews on what I’ve bought.  It doesn’t take long and Loft even has a monthly gift card contest for anyone who writes a review.  Although I’ve yet to win one.
  • Before I purchase ANYTHING online, I check out ebates.com.  You all know about this site, right?  All you have to do is sign up with them and then click through their site to the store you want to shop at…if you make a purchase you can get an average of 2-8% back.  I recently purchased a new purse at Saks.com and received almost $25 back.  Look!  If you haven’t tried it, you need to!!  Each quarter they deposit your savings into your Paypal or bank account.  It’s that’s easy – no strings attached.  If you want to try it, use the following link.  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=4rWhqt%2FtZe9UtRjoStA4iQ%3D%3D
  • I also use sites like www.retailmenot.com to find the latest promo codes.  This is also something I do every time I shop online. You can also find deals online if you just google whatever store you’re looking for and the words “promo code” or “coupon code”.
  • I stack codes.  Like I said in the previous bullet point, I recently bought a purse at Saks online.  I was shopping on my iPad and was trying to decide between buying the bag at Bloomingdales or Saks because they had the best deals.  Believe me, I did my research.  It came down to the ebates money back and shipping.  I would have gotten free shipping at Bloomies, but the deal at Saks was a little better.  I found a free shipping code for Saks and tried to stack it on top of the friends and family code, but it wouldn’t let me.  The shipping cost was $17.  I decided to sleep on it, and the following morning, I made the decision to buy it at Saks.  On a whim, I tried the shipping code and it let me use it.  This time I was on my iPhone.  I ended up getting a $438 purse for $303.54.  Here is my beautiful new bag.     
  • I take advantage of flash sales.  Loft is famous for this!  If you check your email in the evening on a weekday, chances are, you’ll find a flash sale every couple of weeks.  Usually they are 50-60% off.  Just recently, they did a 70% off sale on their clearance items.  
  • If you don’t like paying shipping, you’ve got a couple of options.  You can purchase the minimum amount required to receive free shipping or you can wait until you find a free shipping code.  Recently, J. Crew and their outlet store have been offering free shipping.    My Gapcard allows me to purchase anything with free shipping.  This is a great feature, especially because I get the same deal at Old Navy and Banana Republic.  I’ve also gotten such great deals, that I didn’t mind paying the shipping costs.  It’s all in how you look at it. 😉

So, if you don’t mind waiting a few days or so for what you’ve purchased and you love to get a great price – online shopping can offer some fabulous savings.

I’ve shared my tips, but I would love to hear more.  Please share any advice on how to save me more money.  😀