In The Bag

The makeup bag that is!

Makeup Bag  2

Makeup Bag 1


I change my purses quite often, not necessarily with every outfit, but at a minimum, with every season.  I usually have smaller coordinating bags that go inside the larger one to hold makeup and such.  I found it too much (translation … I got lazy) to switch out not only my purse but the inside smaller bag as well.

One day I was watching a show on the Style network and a guy suggested storing the things inside your bag in several Ziploc bags.  That way you just take all the Ziplocs out of one bag and throw them in another for a quick purse change.  I thought that was brilliant!!


Makeup Bag 3

Yeah, well, try whipping out a fancy plastic storage bag while out with friends at a nice restaurant.  Not so chic, let me tell ya.  


In comes Pamela Barsky to the rescue.  She has thee cutest zippered pouches with fun, snarky sayings on them.  They are neutral so they go with everything.  And they are the perfect size to hold all your makeup essentials.  I love them so much I got two!


Makeup Bag 4


Now I look for excuses to take my makeup bag out in front of others!